Sleep Treatments

Sleep quality is one of the most important signs of health. If we do not give the body the quality sleep it needs, our physical, emotional and mental health is affected. Difficulty falling asleep, restless sleep, inadequate quality and duration of sleep, tired waking up indicate sleep disorders.

If you have one or more of these, you should definitely see your doctor and seek professional help. Although there are many diseases that cause sleep disorders, environmental factors and sleep environment are also important. Comfort areas should be created for sleep.

One of the important symptoms of sleep disorders is fatigue and focusing problems. The person has difficulty concentrating. He/she becomes tired and irritable. They may slip into anxiety and depression. Research also shows that the incidence of restless leg syndrome is very high in sleep disorders.

Every patient who comes to our clinic with sleep problems is investigated for the cause with examination and laboratory tests, and is relieved with weekly therapies, emotional support therapies, parenteral sleep therapies and getat therapies. <strong>Therapies are applied in 8-12 week periods.</strong>