Psychological Support Therapies

Our age is the age of easy access and consumption. Even though this makes our lives easier and saves us time, it also forces us emotionally. This rapid change and the problems it brings cause us emotional diseases as well as physical diseases. Depression, anxiety, stress disorders, OCD, phobias, phobias, panic attacks, fears, anxieties, anxiety disorders, such as an avalanche of growing disease scale occurs and sometimes causes life to become unlivable.

As times have changed, our diet, lifestyle, habits and teachings have changed and the emotional support they gave us has disappeared. Our elders, the pillars of every home, healthy foods that are indispensable for every table, the support and rehabilitative powers of friendly gatherings have disappeared. Families have been divided, life has become harder, we have become lonely and our emotional dilemmas have made us vulnerable to diseases.

What can we do, since we cannot go back to the way things were, do we have to suffer psychologically? Of course not!

In our clinic, we apply face-lifting treatments from depression to anxiety, from panic attacks to all phobias with strong and effective support. In weekly therapies, personalized therapy combinations are made with face-to-face meetings. With homeopathy, frequency therapies, parenteral support therapies, it is possible to treat not only diseases but also emotional states, such as the treatment of pain in love.