Pain Treatments

Pain is the strongest visible manifestation of the disease that causes it. It is not silent. Sometimes it is very painful and thundering. Although it is difficult to endure, it is actually helpful for us because it gives us a chance to recognize the disease and not to be late for treatment…For whatever reason we are experiencing pain, the treatment should be directed towards it. Most of the time, the shape, location, intensity and timing of the pain shows us the source of the pain. Rheumatic diseases, muscle joint pain, headaches-migraines, fibromyalgia are the most common diseases that cause chronic pain.

The pain can be severe enough to make daily tasks difficult, with fatigue, weight loss and depression. There is always a psycho-social condition inherent in pain. Even if there is no initiating cause, the process that continues with the pain creates it. No pain is without a cause. The causes of pain must be investigated and correct and appropriate treatments must be applied. Although there are few measurable values in the fight against pain, the pain scale given by the patient guides us. Psychological problems arising from the inability to treat chronic and excruciating pain and living with pain can worsen both.

In our clinic, pain therapies are applied at weekly intervals. The duration of treatment is slightly longer in chronic diseases. It is possible to achieve a pain-free life by discharging toxic loads that stimulate pain receptors, resolving emotional traumas and providing physical cell regeneration. This is sometimes achieved with a single therapy method and sometimes with combined therapies. Homeopathy, ozone therapy, frequency therapies, parenteral support therapies are therapies that strengthen our hand.