Treatments for Eating Disorders

Being overweight beyond the norm – obesity and being overweight or underweight – anorexia – can be a health hazard. The consequences of being underweight or overweight to unhealthy levels are sometimes irreversible. Sometimes they are irreversible. In both cases, a sustainable and proper nutrition program should be prepared and the physical and emotional problems that prevent this nutrition should be solved.

In our clinic, we work with the feeling of addiction to unhealthy foods (the inability to stop eating), which is the reputation of proper nutrition in the treatment of obesity. Therefore, we provide therapies for physical and emotional addiction. We do therapies to normalize the fondness for foods such as carbohydrates, sugar, acidic foods, chocolate, nuts, etc. We also have special therapies against hormonal difficulties in special periods such as insulin resistance, PCOS, hypothyroidism and menopause, which are obstacles to weight loss. These therapies include weekly treatments for up to 4-10 weeks. In particular, it gives our patients a great impetus to adopt a healthy diet into their new lives and makes weight control permanent.

At the same time, major ozone applications that accelerate lipolysis, local ozone applications for regional fat, detox applications, metabolism acceleration, fat burning therapies are performed in our clinic.

We should know that whatever we eat, our body and soul follow us and experience the results. However, shock diets, medications or interventions that disrupt the balance of our body can create irreversible problems for your health, even if you lose weight for the moment.

Changing your relationship with food and your body will be difficult on your own. This is why it is so important to seek professional help. It will not work overnight, as fashionable diets claim. It is about making permanent changes to your habits and investing in yourself. Whatever your weight or food-related problems, getting professional help will help you break out of destructive cycles and find long-term solutions.

In the same way, we analyze the cause of weight gain and malnutrition and treat them with weekly applications and combined therapies. .