Addiction Treatments

The most common addictions we encounter as a society are smoking, alcohol, substance, gambling addictions as well as food addictions that contain excessive sugar and carbohydrates as a result of degraded food genetics caused by industrialization, population growth and unnatural production of new food sources, Although internet and game addictions, which cover every aspect of our lives with the changing shape of technology, are seen at all ages, they have reached dangerous dimensions, especially for our children who are in their growing age.

Behaviors that are innocent at first, enjoyable and under our control, start to affect us negatively after a while with the chemical changes they create in our body and soul. With these changes starting at the cellular level, that addiction starts to control us. Our mechanism to stop it becomes weak. In later periods, we become more traumatized under the material, spiritual, social, economic and physical collapses caused by the addictive substance or habit. We become lonely. It can cause illnesses ranging from anxiety and stress disorders to death.

Addiction can be briefly explained as a behavior or substance use that is out of our control and that we cannot regulate in quantity. This substance may be medication that has exceeded medical limits, it may be legal but not innocent cigarettes that are loaded with toxins, or it may be sugary foods that we can’t help reaching for every time we see or think of them. Any behavior that is not adjusted in dosage is toxic.

The reasons that lead to addiction are individualized. Of course, the environment, family, socio-economic difficulties, genetic predispositions are all factors that feed addiction. But most important of all are the gaps in one’s emotional reserves. In the age of information and communication, there is very little chance of being uninformed about the harms of addictions. All addictions that are started with the assumption that one time is nothing, are actually known subconsciously that one time can be too much and can reach a dangerous level. Therefore, the reasons that lead us to deliberately reach for the fire should be examined and realized on an individual basis.

Addictions can be treated. Support must be sought. This support should address the patient with a holistic perspective and should be in physical, mental and intellectual dimensions under the control of a doctor. The patient should also be supported by the family in these treatments.

In our clinic, a special program is applied for each patient while working with addictions. Although there is a general treatment protocol, the therapies used may be different. While the processes are single sessions for smoking addiction, they are longer lasting for other addictions.

Our treatments are generally a combination of GETAT therapies, paranteral supports (glutathione therapy, vitamin C, NAD etc.), applications with state-of-the-art technology devices.