"There is Health Here"

Dr. Asuman Yeni

I guess I was lucky... A new window opened in the course of my life. When I looked at health with a perspective other than everything I had seen and experienced, I encountered a completely different world.

While questioning the place of stress in our health, my path always passed through here. I shared with you the real and permanent results in this world we call energy and heal... I wanted us to know that we are not helpless. This is a different way of looking at health and diseases...

While doing this, I shared with you the Taping Method, which is one of the most effective methods used in the treatment of stress, the pure energy source that disrupts our health, and real patient stories that I have passed through other energetic studies...

I wish it to be a light for all of you...

If what we know is the sea, what we do not know is a huge ocean...

With my experience today, I know that the way of approaching treatment should be handled holistically in the emotional, energetic, intellectual and physical body. At this point, I believe that when looking for healing, it is necessary to look at it from different perspectives, not always in familiar ways. Therefore, I wish you to continue your search by keeping your belief strong that healing can be found where there is illness.

Dr. Asuman Yeni
For a Healthier Life

Our Treatments

Healing begins with a sense of trust between patient and physician at the first meeting. When this bond is not established, the strength of the treatment is weakened.

There is Health Here!

Experienced Team

Our clinic is staffed by health professionals with particular case experience. Our therapies are based on more than 20 years of medical experience.

Approach to the Patient

We approach all our patients with a patient-oriented approach, not a disease-oriented approach.

We work with natural, powerful treatments with minimal side effects.

After the Therapy

Our patients are under our care for a certain period of time even after the therapies are over. The success of the therapies is closely related to the patient's ability to apply what they have learned in the therapies.


There is HEALTH Here!

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