Ozone Therapy

Ozone therapy is the pure oxygen molecule obtained from medical ozone generators. In other words, it is the source of life and energy cycle. Ozone therapy, which has been used in the world for half a century, has proven its success in every branch of medicine in our country in recent years. It had a life-saving effect in intensive care units during the Covid pandemic. It is one of the most effective therapies to support immunity in the winter months.
Oxygen gas in the air we breathe consists of two oxygen molecules. Ozone gas is a compound of three oxygen molecules. The density of the atmosphere layer surrounding the Earth consists of ozone gas. While the ozone compound is a toxic gas, as soon as it enters the body, it turns into oxygen, which is our source of life, and starts therapeutic effects.

Ozone gas is used in many areas other than medical purposes such as disinfection, stain cleaning, air cleaning, cleaning products, elimination of germs, cooling water, cellulose production, destruction of natural wastes.

Ozone gas in the field of medicine; “ozone molecule” obtained from a special device called “ozone generator” is applied to patients in appropriate doses by different methods. Ozone has both a therapeutic effect on many diseases in our body and a supportive effect on treatment. Hundreds of clinical studies and scientific data have revealed the mechanism of action and benefits of ozone therapy.

Depending on the area we want to benefit from ozone therapy, it can be applied i.v. intravenously major application, locally minor application from the disease area, rectal from the intestines and blading and under the skin.

The most important mechanisms of action of ozone therapy are those on “oxidative stress”. If the amount of toxins / free radicals accumulated in our body is more than the amount of antioxidants that eliminate these harmful substances, oxidative stress increases. Excessive oxidative stress tires the body, wears it out, makes it vulnerable to diseases and accelerates aging. It is not possible to eliminate oxidative stress in the body, because oxidative stress is always present in the body’s natural processes. In addition, some oxidative stress increases the production of antioxidants, the body’s cleaning agents.

Cases to be considered when applying ozone therapy

  • If medication is used, it should be taken 4 hours before and after ozone therapy
  • Alcohol consumption should be stopped 8 hours before ozone therapy and, if possible, during the therapy
  • Blood
  • Waiting 3 days for ozone application after chemotherapy
  • Not to apply ozone during pregnancy
  • It is necessary to pay attention to come to the treatment by drinking plenty of water and drinking plenty of water.
Who cannot be applied ozone therapy:

Ozone is a reliable and natural treatment method. When applied correctly, it has almost no side effects. The effect starts at the cellular level and a period of time is required until it reaches a noticeable level. These are;

  • Favizim disease (GL-6-F dehydrogenase enzyme deficiency)
  • Hyperthyroidism with excessive hormone elevation
  • In advanced anemia, bleeding and coagulation disorders
  • Chronic and recurrent pancreatitis
  • Newly developed heart attacks and bleeding
What diseases is it used for?

Its area of use is very wide-ranging. Infectious diseases, liver diseases, cancer diseases, diabetes and ulcerative wounds that do not close, neurological diseases, heart diseases, hormonal diseases, respiratory system diseases, chronic fatigue syndrome, sleep problems, pain treatments, anti-aging treatments (lipolysis and skin structure repair, scalp treatments), energy increase, weight loss and regional slimming.