Cellular Therapies

CD34 Stem Cell Therapies

This type of treatment is a system that is applied by injecting CD34 Stemcell cells obtained from the patient’s own blood by special satirfuging process into the patient within the first half hour. In addition, the growth factor required for cell renewal increases 100 times after the application. Thus, the increase continues for a week.

However, the stem cells introduced into the area also stimulate other stem cells in the body and invite them to the damaged area. Our body’s existing CD34 cells are already sufficient. But since they are scattered, this procedure gathers them together and initiates rapid cell regeneration.

Stemcell cells differentiate (work) in an oxygenated environment. They do not work only in the absence of oxygen. In fact, since cancer cells like oxygen-free environments, stem cells have no effect on their growth. However, cancer cells have their own special growth hormones. Moreover, they have anticancerogenic effects.

When applied immediately after myocardial infarction, they pass the infact areas, no scar remains. Therefore, when applied in burns, healing starts immediately. It heals on the 6th day.

If we increase microcirculation before the application, the effectiveness of the procedure increases maximally. Therefore, different methods can be applied to increase microcirculation. Such as magnetic field, ozone therapy. We can also remove the damage caused by Stroke (stroke) immediately with the application.

Although the application varies according to the disease, there are 7 days and 21 days repetitions. But every 7 days is highly effective. Stem cell therapy is used in every disease that requires cell renewal. It is the most effective and newest treatment method especially in aesthetic applications.

Since they accelerate cell regeneration, they give excellent results in antiaging applications. It also maximizes the effectiveness of the application in allopecia (hair loss), wound, scar tissue healing or filling applications.

This application is different from PRP application. Stem cells are obtained with a special program prepared for CD34 cells in the CGF device. Its effectiveness is as high as the stem cells obtained in the laboratory environment. In addition, stem cells prepared in the laboratory environment contain additional additives due to the process. In contrast to them, in the stem cell method used, we mobilize the patient’s own life force by making sure that what we do with our own hands is completely pure. They do not need to be very numerous.

3-4 stem cells in the injected area stimulate other stem cells already present in the body, inviting them to the damaged area and accelerating healing. As a result, it has been practiced by Dr. Hans Von Rolbeck for 20 years and its effectiveness has been proven.