Dr. Asuman Yeni

Healing begins with a sense of trust between patient and physician at the first meeting. When this bond is not established, the strength of the treatment is weakened.

My Biography

I was born in 1970 in Samsun. My dream and desire was always to be a good healing physician, and my only choice in the university exam was the faculty of medicine in my hometown. In 1995, after graduating from 19 Mayıs University Faculty of Medicine, I worked at London Hospital in England to improve myself both linguistically and professionally. When I returned, I worked at every stage of health within the Ministry of Health, from emergency chief physician to family medicine.

In all my experiences, I saw that the treatments made without correcting the root causes that initiated the disease were incomplete, the inadequacy of treating with a single method, and the need to work with combined methods for most patients, and I devoted myself to trainings to improve myself in these areas.

Trainings I received in the field of Holistic Medicine:

I have also worked on "reducing stress burden" on hundreds of patients. I know that the treatment of a patient without good stress management is not complete. I have applied energy therapies on diseases and treatments caused by stress. I have witnessed miraculous improvements when working with the main source of stress. The trainings I have received on complementary therapies, the path I have traveled, and the successful results I have achieved with my patients show that I am on the right path. In 2015, I published my award-winning book "HERE IS HEALTH" in which I narrated my therapies with my patients who came to me with stress-related illnesses.

With my experience today, I know that the approach to treatment should be holistic in emotional, energetic, intellectual and physical body. At this point, I believe that when looking for healing, it is necessary to look at it from different perspectives, not always in the familiar ways. Therefore, I wish you to continue your search by keeping your belief strong that healing can be found where there is illness.

I believe that the approach to diseases should be holistic, and that healing will not be complete without correcting stress, malnutrition, toxic load, environmental factors. With this new perspective, I am happy to be able to help my patients more...